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As a DJ and Producer, Devious Remix is best described as creative, versatile and
passionate with a cutting edge. The Miami known Pro Remixer DJ has made a name for
himself by remaining ahead of the game in not only the choice of music but the way he
plays it as well. The one thing he prides himself in is observing and reading the room
efficiently and that’s what sets him apart from others in the DJ field

Deejaying for 30 + years. Veteran Club and mobile DJ, streaming for 15 years. Mainly
streaming video now at
YouTube @DJT-EasyNYC5546
Facebook Music You Can See

At an early age of 12, DjPynkDyamond started in music, her first instrument was a fluteophone, then joined the band playing Trumpet and French horn. DjPynkDyamond was also in themarching, stage,concert and pep bands as she progress to high school. She then becomes 1st Chair Trumpet player, so the love of music has been there for decades. She has a great ear for all genres of music, her favorite genre is R&B and House Music.
In 2011, DjPynkDyamond started thinking of becoming a Female Dj.
In 2016, she started the process with her first gig in Miami for Miami Pool Party. After party, the dj gigs started coming through more and more. Being a professional model and now a professional Female Dj just made her networking inevitable. Joined Worldwide FleetDjs in 2021 of January and was awarded Rookie of The Year - Tre’ Boogie Award 2021. Now she’s on internet streaming radio and FM stations. She is also the Manager of the Virginia Fleet DJs. In 2022 she became Virginia State Mgr of Year and lead her DJ team to Virginia Fleetdjs State of Year 2022 Meet DjPynkDyamond!!!!!

In 2023 she lead her state again to year No.2 State ofYear, Fleet Model of Year 2023 and Carmel Love Award 2023. Now in 2024 she was promoted

Demuel Tanco AKA Legendary DJ Tanco NYC was born 10/31/1967 in San Juan, Puerto Rico is 51 years old. Presently resides in New York City and has been a Disc Jockey since the age of 13.


The talented DJ Tanco has spun music in many of the NYC famous nightclubs such as the Limelight NYC, Roxy NYC, Palladium NYC, Webster Hall NYC, Jimmy's Bronx Cafe NYC, The Tunnel NYC, Hatfields Queens NY, Club Heaven NYC, Club Deep NYC, China Club's Jade Terrace NYC, The Legendary Stonewall NYC, Club Cheetah NYC, The Octagon NYC, Club Crystals Queens NY, Club Liquid Queens NY, Club Kokonuts Bronx NY, Beach Bum San Juan Puerto Rico, Club Firestone Orlando Florida and many other places.


Legendary DJ Tanco NYC Quote, "If You Can't Hear Or Listen To The Music That The DJs Are Throwing At You Then You Must Think That The Dancers On The Dance Floor May Be Madd!!!" Legendary DJ Tanco NYC’s forte Is House Music, Classics Disco/Classics Dance, Salsa Dance Music as well as open format music. 

Messy Jordan is a seasoned DJ with over a decade of experience in the electronic music scene.

Known for his dynamic and innovative sets, Messy Jordan specializes in Tech House, Classic House, EDM, and beyond. His true passion lies in remixing, where he seamlessly blends a variety of genres to create fresh, unique, and captivating sounds.
With a knack for infusing hip-hop with housei music and EDM, Messy Jordan consistently
delivers high-energy performances that leave audiences wanting more. His creative approachand ability to merge different musical styles have made him a standout in the industry. Whether it's an underground club or a major festival, Messy Jordan's sets are always a thrilling auditory experience.

Messy Jordan is a proud member of the Worldwide Fleet DJs and serves as the Assistant
Manager of the EDM Division. His extensive experience includes DJing at numerous venues and hosting four distinct radio shows: Clean House Radio on Virginia Fleet Radio (Mondays, 8-9

I started my DJ career back in 1984 in Bronx, New York. I then started playing piano, drums and started writing jingles and remixing music. You can stream my mixes from 

In 2001, I decided to follow my music career professionally. In 2010 went back to my passion of music creation and started my own digital music label Black Storm Music. With an extensive library of self-produced remixes and have had tracks hit #1 on Beatport music store, there is no stopping how far I can go. We are chasing a Grammy nomination.

Venues performed: Residency at Mi Gente Cafe/Evo Lounge Bx, NY. Kokonuts/The Basement, Pompeii, Game Day, Latin Kitchen, various bar/lounges (Bronx). Palladium, Stone Wall, Club Mumbai, Club Heavens, Limelight, the Shelter (NYC), Club Metropolis, Club Matrix (Orlando, FL.) Club Confessions in (Aruba). Jamaica Ocho Rios beach & resort. Performed sets at Ultra Fest Miami, EDC Las Vegas, Coachella, and Tomorrowland. 





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